A Message from Walter Burgess

“Residents of District 81 have a choice when it comes to who represents them in the House of Representatives, and I can assure you that I will be the strong, conservative voice you needs at the State Capitol. I am pro-life, a defender of the Second Amendment, and will fight to lower taxes and create jobs. And as a small-business owner, I know the difficulties our local entrepreneurs face, which is why I will always support policies that help our small businesses. Together, we can make District 81 the best place in Arkansas to call home.”



  • Pro-Life

    As a Christian, I believe life starts at conception and I don’t believe God makes mistakes. He alone decides when a new life is created. For us mere mortals to second guess God is pure arrogance. Regrettably, while some pregnancies begin under the most unfortunate circumstances like rape or incest, life is still precious and must be protected.

  • 2nd Amendment

    As a lifelong gun owner, avid hunter, and member of the NRA, I believe in protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. If we allow laws that limit or prevent gun ownership, it is a slippery slope to complete restriction of guns. The founding fathers knew that private gun ownership was a check and balance against a tyrannical government. I do not believe in red flag laws or anything that could potentially weaken our Constitutional rights.

  • Personal Liberty

    I believe in the Constitution as created by our Founding Fathers. They knew about tyrannical government and they wrote the constitution with strong states rights to avoid the very problems we face now. The states have relinquished too much power to the federal government and unelected bureaucrats in Washington. Their values are not our values. As a result, local leaders need to step up to the challenge. We can not surrender our inalienable rights in a time of crisis. Doing so makes it easier to surrender them when society is in normal times.

  • Excellence in Education

    Parents have the ultimate say on what is best for their children’s education — not the government. I will support policies that empower parents to meet the educational needs of their children while supporting our schools so that they can provide a quality education to prepare our children to enter the workforce.

  • Lower Taxes

    I support policies to lower taxes and help drive growth in the economy. Small businesses can afford to hire more people and invest in their business when taxes are lower. I will support efforts to reduce taxes further.

  • Small Business

    As a small business owner, I embrace practical solutions to complex problems. Our businesses run best when the government gets out of the way. I will work to lower the regulatory burden on our businesses to help them grow,  and I will push back on mandates that limit their ability to do what is best for their employees.

  • Fully Support Veterans

    Our veterans put their lives on the line to protect and secure the freedoms we enjoy today. We owe them a great debt, and as state representative, I will always support those first supported us first.

  • Pro-Law Enforcement

    The brave men and women in law enforcement work every day to keep our families and communities safe, and they deserve every resource necessary to carry out their duties. As state representative, I will defend our law enforcement personnel and always fight back against those who wish to defund them.